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There are many expressions which use the verb tener. Following are some of the most common. Remember that the verb tener must be conjugated in the tense in which it is being used. Also, when using tener # años when referring to age in the past, you must use the imperfect tense.
In tener .... de expressions requiring a verb, the de is followed by a verb infinitive (e.g., tengo ganas de estudiar, tendremos miedo de volar, tuvieron deseos de viajar, etc.).
1. tener # años to be # years old
2. tener buena cara to look good
3. tener calor to be hot
4. tener cuidado to be careful
5. tener deseos de to desire to
6. tener en cuenta to take into consideration
7. tener éxito to be successful
8. tener frío to be cold
9. tener ganas de to feel like
10. tener gracia to be funny
11. tener gusto de to have the pleasure of
12. tener hambre to be hungry
13. tener la costumbre to be used to
14. tener la cupla to be at fault, blame
15. tener lugar to take place
16. tener miedo to be afraid
17. tener paciencia to be patient
18. tener prisa to be in a hurry
19. tener que + infinitive to have to ...
20. tener razón to be right
21. tener sed to be thirsty
22. tener sueño to be tired
23. tener suerte to be lucky
24. tener vergüenza to have shame


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