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por and para
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present tense
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present subjunctive
tener expressions


Por means:

Para means:

1. on account of or because in order to or for the purpose of
2. through, along, by, around, in the area of by or for when referring to a specific time
3. refers to lengths of time and means during or for to, for, or in the direction of when referring to a specific place
4. in situations using money means in exchange for Estar + para + infinitive means to be ready to
5. per or by  
6. to be in favor of  
7. by means of  
8. for, as is, in place of  
9. *used with ser in the passive voice  

Ejemplos con por:

Lo hice por la lluvia. I did it because of the rain.
España es famoso por el vino de Jerez. Spain is famous for sherry wine.
Caminé por el río. I walked along (by) the river.
Nadie viene por aquí. Nobody comes around here.
Viajaremos por tres meses. We will travel for three months.
Pagué cien dólares por mi abrigo. I paid $100 for my coat.
Tengo dos semanas de vacaciones por año. I have two weeks of vacation per year.
Voté por la señora Moreno. I voted for Mrs. Moreno.
Van por avión. They are going by plane.
En mi país me toman por extranjera. In my country they take me for a foreigner.
*El libro fue escrito por Gabriel Márquez. *The book was written by Gabriel Márquez.

Ejemplos con para:

Hago ejercicio para descansar de mi trabajo. I exercise (in order to) rest from my work.
Este regalo es para ti. This gift is for you.
Lo hice para el bien de la humanidad. I did it for the (benefit) good of humanity.
Necesito el libro para mañana. I need the book for tomorrow.
Salgo para Europa en tres días. I leave for Europe in three days.
Estamos para salir ya. We're ready to leave now.


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