11-19 March 2018

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Huis Koning B&B, Bruges

Canal by B&B, Bruges


Belfry, Bruges

Church of the Holy Blood (left bldg)

Relic, Church of the Holy Blood

Church of the Holy Blood

Burg square and Belfry, Bruges

Church of our Lady, Bruges

Madonna and Child

Carving of workers on the Toll House

Carving of worker on the Toll House

Van Eyck square, Bruges

Sint Janhuismolen

Bonne Chieremolen


fries and mayonnaise

View from Saint Bonifacius bridge

Saint Bonifacius bridge


Matinee Restaurant

Rozenhoedkaai, Bruges

Unexploded WW-I ordinance

WW-I ordinance found in fields


Tyn Cot Cemetery, Ypres/Ieper

Reconstructed trench

Reconstructed trench

Reconstructed trench

American monument

Essex Farm field dressing station

Hill 60, near Ypres/Ieper

Hill 60, sunken ground due to tunneling

Hill 60 artillery craters remain

Gravensteen Castle, Ghent

Gravensteen Castle, Ghent

St. Nicolas, Belfry, St. Bavos

Top of Mason's Guild building

Werregarenstraat, Graffiti alley


St. Veersplein square

Old butcher's Hall

St. Michaels bridge, Ghent

St. Michaels bridge, Gent

St. Veersplein square, from Gravensteen

Gravensteen Castle

Rabot sluice

Train station, Antwerp

Nello & Patrasche

Grot Mark, Antwerp

Cathedral of Our Lady, Antwerp


Red Star Line museum

Red Star Line museum

Emigrants boarding area

Steen Castle

Brabo statue

Grot Markt

1930s wooden escalator

Het Bootje art nouveau building, Antwerp


Rubens' The raising of the cross

Rubens' The assumption of the Virgin

Rubens' The decent from the cross

Mussels at De Bomma, Antwerp

Mannekin Pis statue, Brussels

Mannekin Pis statue


Grand Place

Jeanneke Pis statue

1829 Dandoy waffle house

Liege waffle; lemon sauce and ice cream


Camino de Santiago shell, Bruges

Camino de Santiago shell, Antwerp

Camino de Santiago shell, Brussels



Grot Markt Bruges


Grand Place, Brussels




Henry goes to Belgium


Ready to go

At Dumon Chocolatier

Windmill, Bruges

Canal ride, Bruges

Chocolate time

Train station, Bruges

Gravensteen Castle, Ghent

Grote Markt, Antwerp




Mannekin Pis, Brussels


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