Germany & Austria, 13-27 October 2012

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Linda and John at high school bus stop House John and linda lived in, Vockenhausen Linda & John by the house they used to live in. Gnome house, Wiesbaden
Base housing house, Wiesbaden, Germany John & Diane, Eppstein, Germany Church, Eppstein Statue and church, Wiesbaden
With Steiff bear Worlds largest Coo Coo clock, Wiesbaden Town Hall, Wiesbaden Having a pastry in Café Maldaner,Wiesbaden
Café Maldaner, Wiesbaden Wurzburg from the Residenz Maypole, Wurzburg Ratskeller, Wurzburg
Garden at Fortress, Wurzburg Town Hall, Rothenburg Hotel Burg Gartenpalais, Rothenburg Medieval Wall, Rothenburg
Ever present Asian tourists taking pictures Rothenburg Medieval wall, Rothenburg Rothenburg
She always liked a guy in uniform Rothenburg Rothenburg house Rothenburg
Woodcarving, St. Jacobs' Church Rothenburg Detail of Wood Carving Detail of Wood Carving Nurnburg, Germany
John & Diane's Anniversary Dinner At Nassauerkeller Restaurant, Nurnberg Restaurant Entrance Nurnburg
Nurnburg Main Entrance Dachau Concentration Camp Barracks, Dachau Concentration Camp Where Barracks Used to Stand
Creamatorium, Dachau Guard towers, Dachau concentration camp Dachau concentration camp Glockenspiel, Munich
Need I say more Fruit Stand, Munich Abercrombie Models, Munich Abercrombie Models; Munich, It's Raining Men!
Haufbrauhaus, Munich Near Chiemsee, Germany Near Chiemsee, Germany Salzburg, Austria
Salzburg, Austria Salzburg, Austria Salzburg, Austria Salzburg, Austria
Berchtesgaden, Germany On the road to Garmisch, Germany On the road to Garmisch, Germany On the road to Garmisch, Germany
Neuswanstein, Germany Neuswanstein Castle, Germany Neuswanstein Castle, Germany Lake by Neuswanstein Castle, Germany
Hotel Graf-Zepplin, Konstanz, Germany Rhein Falls, Switzerland side Rhein Falls Clock Store, Triburg, Germany
Triburg, Germany - in the Black Forest Triburg, Germany Eating Black Forest Cake, Triburg, Germany Dinner, Strasbourg, France
La Marseillaise Restaurant, Strasbourg, France Trier, Germany Church Where Supposed Robe of Christ is Stored Roman "Black Gate," Trier
Zell, Germany, where Black Cat wine is made Along the Mosel B&B, Haus Theis, Cochem, Germany Burg Eltz, Germany
Burg Eltz, Germany Burg Eltz, Germany Burg Eltz, Germany Castles along the Rhein
Weisbaden 1980-2012
Weisbaden, 1980 - 2012

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